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Customers winning with Ninjodo

I would like to send a massive thanks to the team at Ninjodo. After wasting 2 years with 2 other larger way more expensive systems we decided to give Ninjodo a go. The product and support has been far superior to other systems we have used. By integrating workflows we have added visibility to our workflows allowing all our team see statuses of work, saving time asking where jobs are up to. Xero integration was a bonus and saved us from double handling customer information. Our team are all using the system for task management and it has improved task completion rates 10 fold. The ease of use can’t even compare to the other systems, Ninjodo wins hands down.
Ian, IT / Managed Services
Being a business consultant, I use and recommend Ninjodo to many of my small business clients to help them get the structure and order in their businesses they need. It helps them achieve more sales revenue and to automate many areas of their businesses.
Sean, Business Consultant & Mentor
This product is fantastic for our busy agency! We researched extensively to find a CRM system to suit our business needs and were thrilled to find Ninjodo. We can manage our emails with templates that streamline our workflow, keep on top of all our current and completed bookings and generate invoices seamlessly through the Xero Integration. With the ability to link messages and track tasks, we are never in the position of something “falling through the cracks”. All of this helps us to improve our responsiveness and service to our clients which is the most important thing. 10 out of 10 from us!
Sandie, Booking Agent
I started using Ninjodo through a recommendation, I’m really bad at keeping track of what I need to do and where I’m up to with a certain job, I had various folders strewn about the office, Ninjodo is great, I can see what I have done and where all the jobs are on one single webpage. Awesome!
Claire, Graphic Designer
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